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Spa Baths

30% Discount for Couples on above treatments

Indulge your soul & senses with this soothing & glamorous therapy from the beauty secrets of Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, that makes you feel like a Princess. This bath helps to build your mood, makes your skin fragrant & silky.
Duration: 40 Mins

This lovely treatment with Honey, Olive oil, Bath bubbles, & Vanilla perfume makes the skin smooth and aromatic. The fabulous foam with pure vanilla is so exotic that your body will smell irresistible. Skin becomes smooth like a celebrity! This is perfect before a party to look & feel great.
Duration: 40 Mins

A totally relaxing and calming bath, the pure essential oils improve sleep and removes all signs of fatigue and tiredness. It brings freshness to the mind and the body. Chose Warm or Cool Bath
Duration: 40 Mins

Just relax in our Steam Chamber and come out completely rejuvenated. Improves skin texture, helps in de-tox, improves general health. If Taken as an add-on to any body treatment.
Duration: 30 Mins