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Spa Baths

Indulge your soul & senses with this soothing & glamorous therapy from the beauty secrets of Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, that makes you feel like a Princess. This bath helps to build your mood, makes your skin fragrant & silky.
Duration:40 Mins

This lovely treatment with Honey, Olive oil, Bath bubbles, & Vanilla perfume makes the skin smooth and aromatic. The fabulous foam with pure vanilla is so exotic that your body will smell irresistible. Skin becomes smooth like a celebrity! This is perfect before a party to look & feel great.
Duration: 40 mins

Just relax in our Steam Chamber and come out completely rejuvenated. Improves skin texture, helps in de-tox, improves general health.
Duration: 20 Mins

A totally relaxing and calming bath, removing all signs of tiredness and fatigue. It brings freshness to the mind and the body.
Duration: 40 Mins

Simply de-stress in the herbal “Eucalyptus” oil that will melt your stress miles away! This herb helps in detoxifying the skin and leaves it smoothened!
Duration: 40 Mins