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India's Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a holistic healing science. Ayu means life and Veda means knowledge. Experience the true age old Ayurvedic therapies at Orient Spa in peaceful traditional cottages. These therapies deeply relax and heal the soul and promote self-healing.

A Pure Ayurvedic full body massage using skillful Ayurvedic techniques. This relives physical stress & tension. It particularly Concentrates on Shoulders, neck, & the head. This massage improves blood circulation & improves sleep
Duration: 60 Mins | 90 Mins

An Ayurveda inspired deeply purifying & relaxing therapy with Indian herbs like Saffron, Kumkumadi Oil, Manjishta, Jatamasi and Haridra & Herbal Poultice Therapy removes signs of tiredness, fine lines & offers bright glowing skin while deeply soothing aroma of exotic herbs relax you like never before.
Duration: 90 Mins

An exhilarating blend of pure Ayurvedic oils is poured in a rhythmic way on the forehead to ompletely relax & rejuvenate your body. This is a very relaxing and therapeutic treatment and relieves mental stress,insomnia, migraine, & depression. A must have for the spa lover
Duration: 45 Mins

An East West blend of massage that focuses on relaxing, soothing and releasing tension of the shoulder, head & scalp
Duration: 30 Mins

Enjoy full body Kerala style Ayurvedic warm oil massage, followed by massage & compress with Poultice which contain special warm herbal powders, coconut, sea salt. Deeply relaxing for joint and back ache
Duration:60 Mins

An energizing therapy which starts with Kerala style warm oil full body massage followed by massage & compress with poultice filled with lemon based Ayurvedic recipe. Its excellent for body & muscle pain and skin pigmentation
Duration: 60 Mins

Unique massage to fight obesity and diabetes, Udhwarthanam has a special blend of Oils & herbal powders effective in reducing cellulite. Improves blood circulation, balances fluid levels, and detoxifies.Recommended in a series Steam Inclusive for enhanced Detoxification
Duration: 70 Mins

Enjoy both Shirodhara and Abhyangam Treatments in this lavish full body treatment
Duration: 90 Mins

A special Ayurvedic beauty & relaxing ritual includes an Ayurvedic Facial and an Ayurvedic Foot Massage
Duration: 45 Mins