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Orient Spa, the name is synonymous with spa & wellness business in India. With 10 Five Star Spas and 4 Spa Academies already operational and many more to come in recent years, Orient Spa is poised to be the future of Spa industry. From its modest beginning in the year 2005, by its Business Head, Miss Sanjana Gupta, Orient Spa is today a leader and a trend setter in the spa & wellness industry. Its innovations in the various formats have been resounding successes.

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Type of Spa

Day Spa – A day spa offers its services during the day. Clients can avail of the services for a day, or for a period that is lesser than a day, usually on an hourly basis. Accordingly, a day spa offers treatments such as facials, beauty and body treatments, hair and salon, and also fitness or personal training programs in some cases.

Resort Spa/Hotel Spa – A resort spa is one which includes hotels and vacations along with all the conventional and usual facilities. A resort spa usually focuses on the accommodation rather than wellbeing or spa services. Resort spas usually include swimming pools, sauna, steam rooms, and Jacuzzi along with treatment rooms. These treatment rooms usually provide services such as facials, body and beauty, and even massages that are administered but therapists.

Destination Spa – A destination spa is a facility that provides a complete spa experience. The usual treatments are always on offer such as facial, beauty, body, baths, and massages. Besides, they also provide health food, nutrition ad weight loss treatments along with detox programs, fitness programs, and wellness education.

Express Treatment Spa – This is rather a new concept or new kind of spas which offers short treatments like Face massage, clean up, foot massage, head massage, manicure, pedicure, back massage etc. These types of spa can be found at malls, supermarkets, airports etc.

Wellness Center Spa – A spa that is focused on the health of people and how to manage these for a better lifestyle. A wellness center spa offers a traditional spa treatment along with physical activities such as yoga, hiking, mountain climbing, river rafting, or others.

Health Spa – A health spa is related to a hotel, however, it focuses on topics such as nutrition, beauty, fitness and health and others. Additionally, healthy food and beverages are also available. Though traditional services such as health services, healing services, holistic treatments, and others are offered, services such as de-toxing, relaxation and weight loss services are also provided.

Holistic Spa – A holistic spa offers a traditional and well balanced service that focuses on a wide range of beauty and health therapies for the body and soul. Many holistic spas are concentrated on providing healing in Eastern healing and even Chinese medicine. At the same time, a holistic spa offers a spa-goer healing and harmony for the body as well as mind. Various treatments such as Shiatsu massages, acupressure as well as aromatherapy are provided at a holistic spa.

Medical Spa – A medical spa offers a variety of wellness treatments under the direction of a medical professional such as a doctor. Service such as nutrition, sports medicine, physical therapy and nursing are provided.

Cruise Spa – A cruise spa is a sea borne spa, which features a spa center within a ship. It usually offers professional spa services onboard, usually when the ship is sea bound or on a cruise sailing.

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