Spa treatments are simply great for your body, soul & mind. They help you to cope with the stress & anxiety of today's hectic routine. Massages tone up muscles, fill in new energy and tone up the body. They promote circulation, lymphatic flow & mobility.

Dead skin cells on your body can prevent oil and lotion to get absorbed, that makes your skin feel oily. Dead sea salt scrub & other various scrubs help you in getting rid of this dead skin & to explore your inner self.

Various facials help your facial skin to feel natural & relaxed. A good facial deep cleans your pores - removing black heads, acne and even hair and leave your face smooth and hydrated. It leaves the skin soothed and glowing.

We have a number of varied treatments, simply let your body be in the state of calmness and total bliss.

Orient spa is open on all 7 days a week from 08:00 to 20:00

Our Spa Manager will help you in planning a programmed treatment that your body requires.

We do offer various massage therapies and treatments to heal & relax within . You can opt for any of these treatments suitable to your requirements. Spa Manager can help you deciding most beneficial treatment for you.

Appointments are booked on first come first serve basis. We advice you to book appointments in advance to feel elixir & tranquility of Orient Spa.

You should come at least 10 minutes early to appointment booked by you, to check in, change, and to visit the Spa facilities.

You can have as many as you wish for (one of each type a day). Our Spa Manager & Doctor will help you deciding the best order in which you can enjoy the treatments.

Yes. You must inform our Spa Manager before making an appointment if you have high blood pressure, allergies, other ailments or disabilities or any other health consideration.

No, you don't require any such dress. You can wear your own light clothes or we also provide you hygienic disposable clothes. Otherwise one can go for treatment without clothes. We use draping techniques to respect your privacy.

We provide you lockers before starting treatment. You can keep your personal belongings in these safe lockers or else you can keep them in your rooms before coming to Spa.

Yes ! You can. Cancellation of treatment should be informed @ Spa desk atleast 1 hour prior to appointment time. Cancellation without prior notice will be charged 25% of the treatment cost & no show after confirmation will be charged 50% of treatment cost.