Understanding Spa

Are you turned off by the routine stressful life ? Looking for a stress buster that will make your life refreshing and re-generate your senses ? Something like a beauty package or treatment that makes you look yourself more blooming & graceful ? A Spa is a place that astounds oneself with numerous beautifying treatments & programmes which will help you, not only to rest & relax but will do miracles with your beauty. Massages at Spa will just enliven not only refresh you, but also motivate your muscles and give them a fresh lease of life to your jaded body and soul.

Amongst the high tech, facilities that the spa features comprise a heat treatment area that integrates steam rooms, saunas and showers of various kinds. Herbal Therapies, International Massage Therapies, Reviving Therapies, Aromatherapies, Skin-Hair-Body Treatments, Face & Body Scrubs, Wrap Rituals and Spa Baths play a major role are among the major highlights of the Orient Spa. The Orient Spa offers you an array of massages like European Swedish Massage, Australian Hot Stone Massage, Australian Hot Stone Massage, Australian Hot Stone Massage, Japanese Shiatsu, Traditional Thai (Yoga) massage and Stress Relieving Massages from blissful pampering from soul to sole. The ingredients used in mixtures and scrubs used in these treatments are totally natural and essence free that will leave your skin charming and reinstate your skin to its former glow.

We are prominently known as a universal hospitality company with extensively recognized industry leading brands and a tradition of modernism established over years. Our focus and aim at The Orient Spa, is to offer reliable hospitality services by differentiation in the lives of the people we touch daily. We focus on this mission in quest of our objective of being acknowledged as most preferred brand in every section that we cater for our associates, guests and owners.

We at the Orient Spa integrate the Indian traditions with contemporary therapies, welcome to our exotic spa and experience the best in Indian rejuvenation therapies varying from Indian Aromatherapy Massages, Body & Facial Scrubs and Wraps. We use all the natural elements in our therapies and treatments to give the best of the natural touch to beauty. We aim at providing experiences that bring guests the spirit of traditional royal wellness and therapeutic experiences. Mark yourself the best in the midst of all by getting these treatments!
The spas in the hotels add to the appeal, entice of the hotel in a big way and ensure a shortcut of wooing the guests. Only one difference that makes The Orient Spa apart from the other spas is it takes resort to a synergy between the best of the Eastern and the Western practices to offer the valuable guests with holistic treatments.