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Orient Spa

Orient Spa, inbuilt Spa in all Cambay Hotels, Resorts & Golf Resorts is a beauty retreat offering a bouquet of Spa Therapies, Authentic Ayurvedic Treatments, Hydrotherapies, International Massages, Body & Facial Scrubs and many more Rejuvenating Treatments. With warm natural herbs and oils usage in the treatments, the body feels relaxed and pampered over to distress. Feel the bliss and soothness with an Amazing freshmaker! Wellness & Beauty Packages make you look beautiful internally. Customized Spa Packages are also designed to suit the requirements of the customer. Spa Parties are arranged on special request to deliver you your selected treatments in most suitable manner. Bridals Packages are arranged to make wedding memorable in every way.

At our Spa, while our specialized therapists bequeath their expert touch upon your physical body, its effect vibrate via the core of your whole being. In every term, gathering all the healthy components and efficient treatments specially selected to nurture body as well as mind to bring out the inner essence that remains protected in the memory, to be considered and shared with others long after the trip has ended.

You can dream of this and much more at the only destination; "The Orient Spa”.

Group Profile

Neesa Group is a well-diversified business group headquartered at Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Its business operations comprehends business sectors like Hospitality & Leisure, Metal Casting, Education & Information Technology and Agri-Biotechnology. The group owns assets over INR 6.0 billion with huge manpower strength. With competent management team having strong execution skills, Neesa Group has achieved as one of the rapidly growing business group in western India. The ability to innovate and the capacity to adapt to latest technologies are going to be the key differentiators in the new era. From corporate hospitality to holiday management, it ensures best of services in absolute luxury. Neesa Group, guided by this economic reality, rapidly continues to progress on multi- fold growth in various business ventures. We value professional as well as personal integrity so we enable people to achieve high standard and challenging goals.

Group Website -: www.neesagroup.com

Mission & Vision

Mission :

Taking on a relentless quest dedicated to holistic vitality, we plan to cover a pan India presence with more spa centres setup across the country.

Vision :

Sense the healing touch of spa culture in the very mind, body and soul of Indian tradition through our services. We focus on your total wellness that will make your spa visit memorable and take you to the journey an international luxurious experience !

Orient Spa Academy

As a professionally managed spa training institute located in Jaipur, Ahmedabad, and Kollam, India, Orient Spa Academy (OSA) is dedicated to enhancing skills of spa professionals and individuals who wish to develop their career in the spa industry. OSA is the only spa academy in India that offers a certified course in ‘Spa Operations and Spa Management’ along with an array of courses in spa and beautifying therapies.

OSA is definitely the finest academy in India that offers a range of internationally recognized qualifications. The curriculum is designed around a diverse curriculum. Thorough guidance is offered to students who are admitted to the various programs. Additionally, the curriculum designed is diverse, so that it can be used as a tool to upgrade the student’s skills with the latest knowledge about the spa and wellness industry. Students also gain tremendously with the help of training and learning techniques.

ITEC is based in London, where their qualifications are accredited by the UK government. This body has been offering qualifications since 1947. ITEC has a long and very strong history in the industry and these qualifications are well-respected by employers all around the globe. Since OSA is affiliated with these esteemed institutions, the academy has well-trained staff that consists of experienced and knowledgeable faculty that imparts the latest knowledge about various international spa therapies. Thus, students are able to fine tune their skills with the leading knowledge provider in the industry.

Orient Spa Academy has also launched its online certificate program in spa management under the brand name OSA elearn. It is an extension of Orient Spa Academy, India in the virtual world. This e-version of the spa management program is being launched for the first time in India for the benefit of students from all over the world. As a world-class education provider, this program is the first-of-its-kind in the country.

This course is especially designed to put students at the forefront of the spa and wellness industry. OSA elearn offers the advantages of providing a research-based environment along with an e-course that is distilled and culled from years of experience, knowledge and skill. The program applies the knowledge to challenges that OSA has discovered in the real world and truly focuses on high quality study along with the adaptation of the latest course delivery technologies.